Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How long Flyu Shuttle is in business?Frequently Asked Questions About Prescott Shuttle
A.FlyU Shuttle Started In June 2015.

Q.Is FlyU Shuttle Locally Owned and Operated?
A.Yes we are Locally Owned and Operated.

Q.Where do you have your main office?
A.We are located inside the Gateway Mall second store on your right hand side when you come out of the Dillard Store into the Mall and our address is 3250 Gateway Blvd suite#1236.Prescott 86303.

Q.Where can we leave our Vehicle ? is it safe? how long we can leave our vehicle parked at your station?
A.We have parking spot in front of Dillard’s parking towards Hwy69,you can leave your vehicle as long as you want no extra charge and it is secure with 24 hour Mall security.

Q.How often do you run to the Sky Harbor Airport?
A.We Run every two hour now, but our plan is too run every hour and it all depends on booking and we need support from the community, more you ride with us sooner we grow.

Q.Do you do Free Home Pickup/Drop off at no cost in Prescott Only?
A.Yes we Start from Prescott and we do have pickup/Drop off in Prescott at no extra charge, we will pick you up from your door step and bring you back to your door step, you do not need to change the shuttle and wait at our station another 45 minutes.we will pick you up and go straight to the airport.

Q.How Many Pick ups you will have after you pick me up?
A.We work our schedule accordingly and we won’t make you have tour of whole Prescott ,if we have full van ,we do connect with second van and it is working smoothly and nobody had complained.

Q.Do you pick up from home in Prescott Valley or Dewey?
A.No we do not,because we have other people on board and we want to be at the airport on time.Our Pickup/drop off in PV is IHOP or Hampton Inn.In Dewey we pickup/drop off at Red Arrow.

Q.Do you allow Golf bags or Ski bags?
A.Yes we do for small fee.

Q.Do you allow small dogs?
A.Yes we do ,but has to be in a carrier.

Q.Where will you pick up at the airport?
A. We will pick you up at Intercity shuttle at each terminal where all the other shuttle company picks up.At terminal2–Door8 ,terminal3–Door9 north, outside curb at intercity shuttle stop,terminal4—north side between door 3 and 5 outside curve at inter city shuttle stop.

Q.What if our flight gets late?
A We watch your flight and we wait if other people onboard allow us as we request them, we won’t leave anybody behind.

Any other question, please feel free to give us call at 928-445-8880.